Ang Ming Pok is Scott’s buddy who is always getting into trouble. He provides the perfect example of

"what not to do" and is the source

of much comic relief.

Skylar Sun is Scott’s 8-year-old cousin who loves books. She is very creative and has a knack for writing poetry and hilarious parodies. 

Scott Sun is a talented 10-year-old boy with bright ideas. He develops interesting inventions to solve real-life problems. Will he succeed in his quest for the young inventors' award?

Witty Wikky is an animated phablet who knows everything. He is like an invisible dictionary or encyclopedia who appears when he has interesting things to explain.

Mr Lou B. Loo is Scott and Ming Pok’s no-nonsense form teacher who loves giving his class homework. He is the author of the book, “7 Habits of

Highly Annoying Students”.